Hey Jude Charity

Hey Jude is a Norfolk based registered charity set up for the purpose of researching practical ways to support people with chronic neurological diseases and cancer to improve the quality of their lives.


We help explain and counsel our patients and their families about the complexities of their disease


We advise on all types of treatments and complementary therapies.



Alongside our treatment and support methods we are also carrying out and compiling important medical research

Our story

Hey Jude: Our Story

Hey Jude is a registered charity that has been set up with two purposes in mind. Our primary purpose is to attempt to improve the quality of life of those affected by chronic disorders such as cancer, neurological disease, arthritis and autoimmune disorders. We can only do this, by looking at every person in an individual way, so we can pinpoint the symptoms that are causing the most distress, and considering ways of targeting that problem

Every person is different and it is only through taking a careful history and examination will we be able to suggest and advise further management, investigations if indicated, and therapy in some form or other.

It is our aim that everyone who comes for advice, will receive personal attention by a small ‘think tank’ of therapists who will work together to produce original ideas to improve well-being. Just as important, we will welcome ideas from people and their families, affected by the disorder

The types of things we will consider will vary from physical therapy in order to improve strength, balance and co-ordination and this will be done through specific exercises, and electrical stimulation of muscles and anything else we feel appropriate.

Diet will be discussed especially as we have become aware of how this can affect the bacteria and viruses living inside us (known as the gut microbiome) and they in turn can produce chemicals that affect the working of the body especially the brain and the skin.

Any therapy will be considered if it is thought a worthwhile possibility. We will work together with the person, so all of us understand the reasoning behind a suggested therapy and why it is worth considering.

The second role of ‘Hey Jude”: It is our intention to look at the role of microbes as a possible cause of diseases especially cancer and neurological disorders. We have no insight into why people are struck down by these illnesses that cause so much misery to the person and their families.

In a field where there is relatively little interest, it is the purpose of this charity to encourage further research into this area, and make forward strides into our investigation and treatment of these ‘incurable’ diseases.

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